Crown of Leaves

Grandma and Grandpop arrived on Monday from Australia. On a big walk through the park with them this week we collected a bunch of Autumnal treasures. With these treasures I was inspired to make these leaf crowns. A really easy project, that is nothing other than tape, paper and leaves. Such a wonderful use for the Ginkgo and Maple leaves, that at this time of year are so fun to collect for the colours they hold. I am completely overcome with natures beauty when I hold the green and gold Ginkgo in my hand. The shape, and the graduated colour….the yellow seeping in while the green slips away. You can see by the photos the process to make these crowns is really simple, cut two lengths of paper and stick them to a length of tape, creating a ‘sticky; space in between. Then fill in the sticky area with seasonal natural finds….leaves, flowers, sticks, cones….and celebrate these wonderful days of Fall in your crown of leaves.

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