This weekend I started making lanterns. I made this style lantern for the Lantern Parade at Maya’s Playgroup last Winter. I held a workshop for parents and siblings to come along and make lanterns to carry in the parade. I enjoyed it so much that I always knew it was only a matter of time until I would be making them again. I made numerous last year and the effect of them all lit together was really lovely. It crossed my mind at the time that they would be a great party or wedding decoration. So, this year I am combining the use of them at the up coming Lantern Parade in the first week of November, and for Elle’s 2nd Birthday Party which is in the last days of October. Elle’s Birthday Party will be on the 30th of October this year, the night before Halloween, so it seems fitting to have these fairytale woodland inspired luminaries as decoration, setting a mystical theme. I plan to make more over the next two weeks. I will be sure to post the construction process, I plan to┬ádocument it next week.

7 thoughts on “Luminaries

  1. you are soooo cool, Kirsten! you are the coolest super mom ever!! Will you please teach me how to make the mushroom lantern when I come home? I am in love with it! The girls look so much more grown up and they are so adorable in their new dresses! Please send them my love! xx Lila

  2. I am planning on instructions soon, I have been sick, but might even get to it today! Hope you and the family are well. K xo

  3. Hello, I realize this post was from awhile ago but I would love it if you could send me some instructions. I would really appreciate it. I couldn’t find the instructions on your site. Thanks a lot.

  4. Hi Keisie,
    I have been meaning to do a thorough post on this style of lantern – but just have not gotten to it. I will do one in the future, but not sure when – sorry that does not help you any. I have a few things on right now so can not get to it presently, but will put it on the list – and send you off an email when I have done it.

    All the best – happy art & crafting,


  5. I am so sorry! No tutorial yet! I got caught up enjoying making glass jar lanterns – and then hurricane Sandy hit and we are still without power/heat/hot water/internet almost a week later! I apologize for promising and then delivering.

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