Pumpkin Lanterns

With a few pumpkins sitting around the house, this weekend I made an attempt at carving them. As I recall, I have only ever carved a pumpkin one before, and it was a long time ago…so I set to work as a novice. I do happen to own some tools that are perfect for carving pumpkins from my Artist days a s a print maker. I set the tools out that I thought would be handy, along with kitchen knives and a big spoon for digging out the inside. I don’t think there is really any wrong way to carve a pumpkin. I went about it in a straight forward manner. Cut the top off, scrap out the innards then carve some sort of decoration on the front. I went for a very simple star pattern on the small pumpkin, followed by a fancier witch image on the large one. I can’t say that I think what I did was great, but for my second attempt it is OK! I am sure as I continue to do this annually I will get the gist and be please with my pumpkins, but for now, here are our jack-o-lanterns.

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