Yay! It is Pumpkin time! Pumpkins on the door step, pumpkins on the shelf, and a pumpkin on the kitchen table. While out in the country yesterday we stopped at a very sweet little nursery that sold pumpkins Р we bought a few and of course I have plans to carve them! I must add also, as it was very exciting, that on the way to buy pumpkins we came across a black bear in a tree. Yes, really, a black bear just sitting in a tree!

2 thoughts on “Pumpkins

  1. Hi Zoe,
    My Aunt made my coat (for herself when she was 17, about 40 years ago now…) and Elle’s coat I bought off ebay for Maya a couple of years ago for $5. It was a score! It is also hand made. If I ever see some like this for sale will let you know! Glad to hear you are enjoying the warmer weather!
    K xo

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