Walk Wednesdays

On Wednesdays I like to walk with Elle through the park to collect Maya from playgroup, and then walk home with both the Girls. It takes an hours each way, without stops, and if we do stop to investigate things then it can take much longer. I love these slow Wednesdays when we meander for hours in the open space of Prospect Park. It is a very long walk for the Girls (who actually scooter ride) but with some snacks packed and a promise to feed the ducks or swing at the playground we eventually make the round trip all the way home. With Autumn days upon us the walks through Prospect Park have been magical. The leaves, the light, the temperature. I am really enjoying strolling through the grounds, talking, collecting natures treasures, feeding the ducks, building Fairy houses or whatever else the imagination conducts. I look forward to our ‘Walk Wednesday’…and the good nights sleep we all get from the exercise and fresh air. Here are photos of one of one of our Wednesdays walking to and from Playgroup with Pop and Grandma.

2 thoughts on “Walk Wednesdays

  1. Glorious boquet of found leaves and flowers you have there Kirsten 🙂 It seems like your parents are having a great time with you and the family! (Brilliant light in the photos too, by the way!)

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