Two Sick

Too sick to open presents, too sick to have birthday cake, too sick to have Birthday celebrations! Sadly our family came down with the flu this week and because so Elle’s Birthday has been shrouded with feeling ill. I had to cancel her Birthday party set for last night. All four of us have the flu in varying degrees. Over the course of six days each of us have been coming in and out of the symptoms. Poor Maya had a fever of 104˚ for three days. I have not spent so much time in bed since I was morning sick! Night sweats, coughing, headache, congestion…the horrible flu. As all mothers know though, even when sick, someone has to feed and bath the kids…so I am soldiering on. I managed to bake muffins on her birthday morning so she at least had a candles to blow out. So sorry little Elle that your 2nd Birthday you were sick!

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