Miss A Turn

The past weekend we were dealt the miss a turn card in the game of life.┬áSometimes the game of life is just this way…you are doing your best, playing hard, playing well, and then when you least expect it…up pops miss a turn. Sadly for us miss a turn was a high stacked weekend. Elle’s Birthday, Halloween and the last weekend for the Grandparents from Australia visiting us.

Cam, Maya, Elle and I all came down with the flu, and we came down hard. For over 10 days we have had the symptoms in varying degrees, and only now are we starting to feel like we can function, and get back to ‘normal’. It really could not have come at a worst time, except maybe if we were getting on a plane to head off to an exotic holiday destination!

I seem to be suffering the most from it, and that is both physically and emotionally. Life seemed to fall to pieces for me and now as I am putting the bits back into place I am overcome with the sadness of missing out on some potentially really fun and special times! My little ones second Birthday, which I worked hard towards making special…and Halloween, and the beautiful costumes not worn which I had spent time and energy creating! Then the week we spent in bed and housebound while the Grandparents walked the streets of NY without us…so disappointing.

So with all that said, things could be worse. Our health is returning, and Elle will have many more Birthdays, and before we know it Halloween will come around…and we will see Pop and Grandma again next year. I know the game goes on, and in time I will be once again playing with gusto…I just hope miss a turn does not come our way again too soon.

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