Old Stomping Ground

Yesterday we visited the lovely corner of Prospect Park that we used to live on. We are so very fond of this part of Prospect Park and miss living across the road from it. However it is only a short drive away and so on a gorgeous Autumn day like yesterday, we made a point of going there to hang out, just like old times. No matter of the time of year, it is lovely. Fall in the park is stunning. Just look at these Autumn colours, the magnificent deep orange of the leaves, the brilliant afternoon light. Just amazing! To spend an idle afternoon wandering the familiar spot was rejuvenating. We followed a favorite route. Starting at Bartel Pritchard, down the path and under the Ginkgo trees, up the hill to Harmony playground, past the Fairy tree, to the Blossom trees, along the path to the horse corral and back to Bartel Pritchard again. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the sunshine, the fresh air and the the crunching of leaves under foot as we re-visited our old stomping ground.

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