The Drawing Room

One of the wonderful things about cooler days is that we spend hours inside that become creative bubbles. Maya and Elle draw a lot on any given day, but now that the colder temperatures are descending we seem to be having epic draw-a-thons. Our kitchen table is used predominantly for drawing and is strewn with pencils and paper. Maya, like today for instance had four drawings in progress that she completed around mid morning. The joy I get from seeing what she does makes my day, it is incredibly delightful when she says “Mummy I drew a rainbow sun!”

I help with these drawing in many ways, but still they are her ideas, her colouring and very much her creations. It goes something like this…”Mummy can you draw a girl with a long skirt down to the ground and on the bottom of her skirt is roses and daisies and lotus”…or…”Mummy can you draw a boy parrot in a tree and a girl parrot and a hundred leaves”. When she asks me to draw these thing, she really is not asking, she is directing, because if I say no, she then says “Mummy, if I give you a kiss will you draw for me”…and then if I still say no there is not a moment of peace. I love drawing with the girls, and mostly I just have to sit there and be with them while they draw. I encourage, and guide…and of course sharpen pencils! No surprise which colour I sharpen most! While the tan and dirty yellow stands tall in the pencil box, the silver, gold and pinks have to be dug out…another one of my jobs…”Mummy, where is my favorite pink pencil?”

2 thoughts on “The Drawing Room

  1. Love the picture of the garden and all of the vegetables in their neat little rows ….. I’m a little more abstract! 🙂

  2. We have a book called Herd the vegetarian dragon, and Herb has a garden like this with a the veggies in a row…we were inspired by this I think!

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