We have a few traditions this time of year as all do, and while many of us have similar traditions, within each family Holiday time is unique. One of the things we do in December is make paper snowflakes…in a bid to manifest real snow! Isn’t it fascinating that no two snowflakes are alike? Just like you and I. I think about this as I cut into the paper, working away with the matt knife, cutting out these pretty window decorations, even if I try to make one the same as the last, they are always slightly different. The Girls are still too young to make paper snowflakes as detailed as these, but they love to unfold the snowflake¬†after I am finished cutting. Do you remember the delight of opening a paper snowflake and seeing the magical pattern appear? I never tire of making them…I could, and have cut them out all day. I like to look out our decorated windows and can not help but have welcoming Winter thoughts…for the first snow.

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