Giving a special gift, something thoughtful and handmade means a lot to me. This time of year when you can easily spend a fortune on junk, I am pleased to come up with a cute, useful, educational gift, that has my personal touch! Our Niece Sami, whom I am easily inspired by (you might recall this gift for her Birthday) will be getting this package for Christmas. A Children’s cookbook, measuring spoons (from Anthropology) and my muffin mix in a little handmade bag. I put the dry ingredients in a fabric bag I sewed and wrote the cooking instructions on the swing tag. So simple, a perfect one bowl muffin recipe for a 6 year old. I am excited for Sami to get this Christmas gift as she is interested in cooking, which is what gift giving is about…giving a gift someone can enjoy, along with having the joy of giving! Be inspired this Christmas to make gifts, and if you are not so inclined, then there is always ETSY! A great source of handmade items, and an affirmative way to support arts and crafts.

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