Winter Greens

Last night was the Winter Spiral at Maya’s Playgroup. The Winter Spiral was made of Winter greens, which are fir branches bound together with wire and string to form a continuous rope of pine needles. The Greens are used to decorate at Christmas time. You will see them on patios, fence, around doors and on mantles. Often with red ribbon bows. After the Winter Spiral event of last night I was very lucky to take some of the Winter greens home. I excitedly got to work this morning with two un-helpers, who left me outside in the cold alone. I dragged them back outside when I was finished to admire my work, as you can see *cheeky* Maya is not very impressed, she wants me to add big red bows. I am happy with the subtle red and white bakers twine, no bows this year. I also hung the pine cone wreath on the patio, decorated with some red berries from the garden. I made this wreath the week after I had Elle. Maya and I collected the pine cones in Prospect Park and the bags full of cones sat there untouched for months. After giving Birth I was overcome with the desire to make the wreath and diligently went to work sewing the cones to a wire frame. After many hours work, My Aunt Heidi said “You are amazing!” You have just had a baby and look what you are dong! What can I say…the creative urge hits me!

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