Winter Spiral

The Advent spiral inward turns

in each apple a candle burns,

Each little Child will share his light

Till all the world is warm and bright.

On Thursday evening we had the Winter Spiral event at Maya’s playgroup. Of all the events at Playgroup this is the sweetest, most understated event. Very gentle and serene and so very meaningful. Each child is given an apple with a bees wax candle. One by one the children walk the spiral. Once they reach the center of the spiral they light their candle on the large centerpiece, they then carry the lit candle out of the spiral, placing it on a golden star of their choice. It is magic to watch the spiral shine brighter and brighter with each little one that walks the path. The Children love this sacred ceremony, that allows them to take metaphorical steps to an inner light. We are so grateful for occasions like this that help us to remember the ‘light’ during the dark cold months of Winter.

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