Snow Hut

Our backyard is a constant source of entertainment. We played in it all Summer long, and now that it is Winter, we are still spending hours in it…but in not quite the same ways! Like a child, I have been busy with all sort of backyard winter projects in the snow. My first goal was to dig a sled run so we could sled around the yard for the next week (or month?) or so while the snow lasts. I did this a couple of days ago while the snow was still light and powdery. The next thing on the list was to build a snow hut. Today was perfect conditions for building and sculpting with nice sticky heavy snow. Now, you would think with a project like this I would have lots of helpers…but no..Cam worked on a minimalist block sculpture, Maya was building a fire and cooking soup, and Elle was just trying to walk, and stay upright! It took me a little while to build the hut, but I did it, and we all fit in (just)…tomorrow if the weather permits I hope to make it prettier, nicer, neater…but for now, here is our little snow hut!

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