Neponsit At Winter

Today Elle and I were on our way to the Kings Plaza. As I neared the parking complex entrance I had the strongest urge of what my true wants were and suddenly it was not to go to the mall. I wanted to have fresh air, open space and to feel alive. The mall does not provide this and so I kept on driving right past. The idea of the mall was instantly replaced with the beach and so Elle and I headed over the bridge to Neponsit…our special beach spot we went throughout Summer time…and was I glad I did! The sky was so blue and clear, I could see further than ever before. The beach was strewn with shells, and we did not see another person. I had wanted to go to the beach during the first days after the blizzard to see the snow on the sand, but due to the extent of snow and lack of snow ploughing it was not possible. I was delighted today to still find snow on the beach. We parked in our usual spot, a quaint and quiet, residential street. I loved seeing the seasonal change all around. The barren trees, some with beautifulĀ berries, homes artfully and lovingly decorated for Christmas. It was really nice to see Neponsit in the contrasting season of Winter. I climbed over the snow berms at the beach entrance with Elle and we walked for a while along the shore, collecting shells and chasing seagulls. Elle then said she had “cold knees” and so we headed back to the car. We were not really dressed warm enough for hours at the beach, however I was glad I had our rubber boots in the back of the car (for slush puddles) as they came in hand for a Winter stroll along Neponsit


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  1. What a strange thing to see photos of snow and sand!! For me, I imagine the sand to be either wet (and slightly cold) or burning hot …. I have never seen snow on sand until I saw your photos! Cool!

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