Itty Bitty Snowman & The Icicles

Itty Bitty Snowman and the Icicles….sounds like a cool band huh? Well if it was a band, I imagine they would be singing some chirpy tunes with the lead singer looking like this little fellow. Introducing our Itty Bitty snowman we made this afternoon. Sadly he did not last long, thanks to Maya’s adoration…he plonked off the railing back into the snow. I liked his icicle nose…and loving the fact that the icicles are all over our yard, beautiful tapered spikes, hanging from trees, gutters and eves. The Girls seek them out and eat them. With Mummy over their shoulder to make sure they are coming from a clean source…crunch crunch crunch they gobble the icicles like hard candy…it is these  little things that make Winter days special.

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