Another Little Purse

Tonight before bed Maya finished this little purse that she had started working on yesterday. I love the colour combo she chose, black white and pink are so very chic. Yesterday afternoon I was sewing a skirt for Elle (still not finished) and Maya of course wanted to sew too. I was not keen to have her ‘sewing’ with me as it really requires my attention, and I wanted to sew what I wanted to sew. So quite firmly I let her know that she was welcome to sew but I could not help her. Maya said “Well I will sew something I already know how to make.” I could not argue with this, and so I said “Ok”. Maya then said she was going to make a purse and went to work cutting off a piece of the lace that I was working with. Her determination is admirable and so of course I stopped what I was doing to thread her needle and get her started. With one side sewn complete she had had enough and went off to play. Tonight she resumed work on the other side and with my help sewing on the button she finished. Here are her efforts that is to be a ‘gift’ for some lucky person!

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