Copious Amounts Of Snow

We have only lived in New York three years so our comparable Winters are few, those that have lived their whole lives here are saying that this is a bumper snow season. With another blizzard supplying foot deep coverage, we found ourselves yesterday, once again amidst a deluge clean up. For some a snow day means sledding, snowmen, and hot coco, but for many the repeated snow can become exhausting as it means digging out a car, clearing the sidewalks and driveways, and a harder than usual commute to work. I always spare a thought for the elderly, the disabled and the injured, for snow like this can be dangerous and keeps many people isolated and house bound. Still, a general jovial feeling seems to float through the air as people co-operate to keep on keeping on. I drove Maya to Playgroup yesterday as our wonderful Playgroup teachers decided to have Playgroup anyway (public schools were closed) for those that could make it. Previously I have kept Maya at home on snow days, not keen to drive (or loose my parking spot), but yesterday we decided to dig out the car and have a go at it (and I did loose my spot and had to dig another one out!). It was quite a drive with much chaos. The roads were lined with parked cars completely buried by snow berms. Buses were stranded. Streets were being used by pedestrians unable to walk on the paths, and people were diligently paving their way out of their homes.

Here are some photos of us digging our way out, our drive to Maya’s Playgroup and Maya’s school yard. It is all so beautiful and amazing and the novelty has not yet worn off. I am keeping in mind though that we are only one month into Winter and still have two months to go…Winter please don’t be too hard on us!

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