Feather Heart Headbands

Finished, and all ready to wear at the Valentines party! Today I was able to sew the stitches and bring the headbands together. You can find some process photos here. I picked up some elastic headbands from the Chemist that I sewed in between the hearts. I had intended to use silver elastic and then could not find what I was looking for at the local craft store. I did not want to make a trip to the city just for elastic, and then by chance I spotted a packet of 8 elastic headbands at the Pharmacy and so bought two packets. The fact that the headbands were already a circle, meant it eliminated a step in the DIY process of fastening the elastic ends together. I was very pleased about this! I also loved the variety of colour the headband elastics were, making the feather heart headband even cuter. The daughter of my friend Faith was over playing today and the  Girls just loved wearing them, Maya still had hers on at dinner time! They looked so pretty with the afternoon sun shining through the feathers.

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