Jazzie’s Felted Fairy

While our visitors Larissa and Jazzie where here I promised Jazzie that I would make her a little felted angel. Jazzie very much like the needle felted angel tree toppers I had made for Christmas and so after they left ¬†started on something for her. It took me far longer to complete than I would have thought as I broke all of my felting needles and only got around to replacing them today. I decided to make a spring fairy instead of an angel and the moment I came home with my new packet of needles I sat and finished ¬†Jazzie’s Fairy. Now all I need to do is wrap and pot it to Alaska…I am sure this bright little fairy will brighten her Winter days!

One thought on “Jazzie’s Felted Fairy

  1. So precious Kirst!!! Jazzie will be delighted:) it will definitely brighten up her winter days!! We miss you all heaps my dear friend & hope you will visit soon!! Lots of love & hugs xxxooooo

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