Spring Is Here

We just adore going to Bryant Park and the proximately to Cam’s office means we frequently go there (as you my recall, herehere, and here) as a place to meet Cam for lunch. Each season brings a noticeable change in Bryant Park, yesterday we watched as they excavated the center space, having removed the ice skating rink and now preparing the ground for a green grassy lawn. With Spring in the air, we delighted in the crowds of people soaking up the rays – including us. It is so nice to be able to eat lunch in warm sunshine once again!  In a matter of weeks we know the Park will be full of the vibrant colours of Spring. The Gardeners were busy working away, planting, planting, planting, and already the sprouting bulbs are about to bloom. Hooray for Spring, the time of rebirth, renewal and regrowth…and so the cycle continues…Wishing you a Happy Spring!

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