Wishing Pennies in the Fountain

Today we met Cam for lunch at Bryant park. After riding the carousel and eating our picnic we decided to toss wishing pennies in the fountain. I love these little home movies, the extra dimension of Character they add, they always put a smile on my face. Childhood is so precious, I know how much we will cherish these glimpses into our past in years to come. Oh my goodness my Children are so lively….I wish…I wish…I wish….you all a lovely weekend!

4 thoughts on “Wishing Pennies in the Fountain

  1. … your girls are delightful! …. Elle was very keen to get in the fountain, and Maya was full of beans!! (and cheeky!) … it is nice to see the girls come to life on your blog! (BTW … the weather looks beautiful!)

  2. SO much fun to see an actual video of the girls! I felt like I was just sitting on the edge of the fountain, enjoying the day with you! Please, more videos!! Linda…

  3. Hi Linda,
    Yes, will post more videos of the Cheeky girls! Hope you are well and enjoying Spring!
    Kirsten xo

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