Maya’s Drawing

Maya’s drawings are taking on new shape. The time and detail she puts into her pictures has increased, making for some really lovely drawings. Not only have the images taken on more life-like representation with solid limbs, fingers, noses, eye lashes, frills, shoe laces…but the stories behind the images have become elaborate. While Maya sits and draws, paints and colours she will narrate to me….”This is a drawing of me and Malek after our wedding day” and then “We are walking in the pink sunset under a weeping willow tree” further more “Malek is carrying our baby girl named Annabel, who has bows and puffy sleeves and red lips and I am pregnant with her baby brother who is going to be named Edward, because Edward is a Prince name”…I love watching and listening as she makes these little decisions and as she shares with me the unfolding of her pictures story. Feeling very proud of this 4 year old artwork!

2 thoughts on “Maya’s Drawing

  1. Hi Kirsten! Big fan of your blog, and this post is just amazing! How incredible that Maya has such imagination. I especially love the part about her being pregnant. Gorgeous!

  2. Kirsten, I started reading your blog this morning and can’t seem to stop. Thank you for sharing these experiences. My daughters used to draw and tell stories together. They called it “Picture People”. I can relate to your love of cooking and creating art and sharing this love with your children.

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