Key West – Butterfly Conservatory

The Key West Butterfly Conservatory –¬†One more post I have to do about Key West – a place we visited that we really, really enjoyed! Conveniently located cross the road from the Hotel we stayed at – The Key West Butterfly Conservatory is an excellent Key West attraction. We spent a couple of hours there (while avoiding the midday sun) and were very impressed with this fantastic establishment. It is the most beautiful Butterfly Conservatory I have ever been too, with lush over grown foliage encased in a huge domed glasshouse structure. A small pebbled stream runs through the indoor garden with a little bridge to cross it. There is a white wooden rotunda, and various hand made hanging and pedestal feeders that were covered with fruits the Butterflies enjoy. The air is thick with Butterflies of many variety, but especially with Blue Morpho Butterflies that are a brilliant colour blue. It is wonderful to watch them flit through the space, catching a glimpse of blue when they open their wings closed the Morpho is camouflaged brown. Elle was being “very still” – as still as a two ear old can be, in an attempt to have a butterfly land on her. The Ladies that operate the Conservatory thought she was so cute they gave us butterfly stickers to put on her! The Conservatory had a great museum featuring a huge sculptural world map with 3-D butterflies that are found in each country stuck on it. The Gift shop was also fantastic with just about everything butterfly you could imagine!

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