Elle Belle’s Colouring

Now I don’t want you all to think that while Maya is sitting and drawing that Elle is watching TV or something! Little Elle is also a keen pencil holder and can be found sitting at our dinning table drawing as much as Maya. Elle usually requests I draw her something – a fairy, a girl and a prince, a daddy and a mummy, a princess, and then she will colour the image in – just as Maya did before she started drawing her own images. Sometimes Maya will draw something for her to colour, and sometimes she will draw a picture by herself. Not surprisingly, Elle is very neat at colouring in, and when she does draw she is always working on somthing in particular. You can see in one image, the drawing of a bride and a flower girl, there are lots of circles with lines through them -which Elle told me were roses growing over the bride. It is rare to see our dining table without pencils and paper all over it – we are always coming and going from drawing. Elle will sit and colour happily while I do house chores, which I very much appreciate. The other day I came back to the table to see she had coloured a drawing of a girl and a prince and around the colouring was zig zag squiggles. I picked up her picture and siad “I like your squiggles Elle Belle” and Elle replied, most annoyed with me, “They are not squiggles, that is my writting!”

One thought on “Elle Belle’s Colouring

  1. I love that your table is always covered in pencils and paper …. are you still rolling all of their art into scrolls??


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