Lotus Print

We have been a little slow making and sending out our Easter thank you cards for the lovely gifts the Girls received, and so while we were at the Pratt Art Store I picked up some more speedy-cut pads and inks. We worked on these lotus prints over the weekend – the Kids just love printing, so satisfying for them rolling out the paint with the brayer. Elle sat there very impatiently waiting to have her turn “I want to do it too!” over and over she said. Maya attempted carving for the first time – but she is not quite ready. We will try again in a few months. Maya did however enjoy drawing onto the speedy cut so I think the next print we do will be of one of her drawings – in the mean time we chose to do a lotus, which is her symbol at playgroup. After our first time using speedy-cut making Christmas cards, I am surprised it has taken us so long to do more printing! Certainly nice to have some pink ink now!

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