Iris Gardens


Yesterday we went back to Montclair to view some more houses (we found one we like and are going back again to see it today!). and while driving through town, we came across this beautiful iris garden in full bloom. We of course had to stop and walk through the flowers. Hundreds of grand iris were standing tall in the most diverse range of colours, some so large, brilliant and rich, they were stunning! Along the fence was iris drawings and paintings from the local school children – so beautiful. All of this certainly makes Montclair looks like a sweet little place to live!


2 thoughts on “Iris Gardens

  1. What beautiful photos, they take on a whole new meaning to me now that I am not able to see you all the time! The Iris garden definitely does make Montclair seem like a nice place to live! Can’t wait to hear more about the house that you are going back to see! xo

  2. So is this house (that you went back to see), the lucky house that will have you as owners???

    Montclair seems like a bright and colourful place to live!

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