Back To The Beach

And so the seasonal cycle continues…less than three months since we said goodbye to the snow, we are saying hello to the sun, surf and sand. Summer days are here and we headed off to our favourite beach for the first time this Summer season. Swimmers, towels, picnic lunch packed, containers for sandcastles, and we were set. My friend Rieke joined us, and enjoyed the chance to sunbath and read while her three children were in school. I had been longing to swim and so I braved the cold cold waters for a quick dip – I can not resist swimming even in COLD water – it is so healing, a natural way to reset the ions and replenish your body and soul. Having grown up on the North Coast of New South Wales, the beach is entrenched in my being – and even though I do not go to the beach what I would consider often these days, the moment I return to the sand, the water, and the salty ocean air I am in touch with my essential self. A place that feels like the old me, the child me, through and through. I feel at home on the beach and step into moments of timelessness. The Children are happy for a few hours, and the older they get the better they have become at beach play. Maya made ‘snow’ angels in the soft warm loose sand, and we all worked on a lovely mosaic shell mermaid tale. At only half an hour drive from our house we feel lucky to be able to do this while living in one of the major cities in the world. New York, really is an amazing place to live!

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