Beach Bliss

We are blissing out on beach days while we can – Summer comes and goes so quickly in this part of the world, and soon we will be moving house and the beach will not be so close. We are enjoying the coast as a regular outing and are consciously making the most of it before we move to New Jersey in a month. The beach is one of my favorite spots, and in a few weeks I will be trading beach outings for strolls in the woods. We will be sad when we no longer frequent our special spot at Neponsit, but will look back at these and these and these memories fondly.

It was an unexpected surprise when we discovered this beautiful part of New York City. I had thought that when we left Byron Bay we were leaving the beach for good…little did I know that I would spend so many Summer days (and even a Winter day!) in New York on the beach. Our new home will be located the furthest from the coast I have ever lived and I have to say I am a little nervous about longing for the open water lapping the sandy shores…so bare with me as I continue to document our last days at the beach living in New York.

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