A Home Of Our Own


There are not many times in life when I am speechless, but now feels like one of them. I am overcome with gratitude for what will soon be our new home – a home of our own. Hopes and wishes have come true! It still feels very much like a dream, as we are not yet in the space. And other than the wonderful daydreams we have been having  – it is just a bunch of photos we have been studying with rapture (and a whole heap of paper work!). With only a few weeks until our planned move, we are very excited to share these photos with you…looking forward to our life in our new house!


9 thoughts on “A Home Of Our Own

  1. Just awsome!
    What a beautiful house, I hope your family enjoys many years making it your home.
    Congratulations on fulfilling a dream 🙂
    xoxo Sal, Anthony & Zac

  2. Thanks Sal, lovely to hear from you – was admiring photos of Mahala and Zac today, he is so cute! It will be great to be settled and have a home of our own, especially now that Maya is starting school…it goes by so quickly, savor your days with your baby…as I imagine you are!
    Big hugs beautiful,
    Kirsten xo

  3. Kirsten, it’s so lovely!! I am very happy for you- such and exciting time for your family. I can’t wait to visit and see what you have done with it. xx

  4. Oh Kirst!! What a beautiful home!! I m so happy for all of you!! It us so fabulous & you will love getting settled!! I cannot wait to visit you in this splendid new home sweet home!! All of my love & very best wishes my gorgeous Australian princess!! Love infinitely~larees

  5. A blank canvas Kirsten!! I am imagining Christmas around your fireplace (this is my favourite time to check out your blog!), and the garden … what a great expanse of lawn for you to host parties and I also visualise it covered in snow during winter! An attic and a fire-engine red dining room/kitchen ….. looking forward to following as you all settle into your new home!! (BTW – love the photo of Elle standing at the garden … she actually looks really grown up – she has old wise eyes – she’s been in this world before!)
    Love Zoe xox

  6. Thank you Sonia! It will be wonderful to have you over to our home! We will not be doing to much to it…not to start with anyway. Have to save some pennies! It might feel big and empty for a while – but full of love! K xo

  7. Thank you Lar for the positive light beams of love !! You are the best, my dear friend, love you so much !!

  8. Wow, what a beautiful home. I can just see your girls having a wonderful time there. Some areas of it reminded me of your grandma’s house 🙂 I can see why you fell in love with it. Congratulations.

  9. Thanks Angela – oh my goodness, it feels so far away from Grandma’s farm house…those were the days! Lovely to see photos of your family (on FB) growing up! K xo

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