August Break: Brooklyn Bridge

To celebrate living in Brooklyn, and to commemorate leaving, my friend Rieke and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge at Sunset. I just love walking across this Bridge, it is truly one of New York’s finest landmarks. It was a lovely evening with a dusty pink sky and soft breeze cooling the hot Summer’s day. Rieke and I were able to enjoyed some rare child free time together, something we cherish. We talked non stop as we do, about ourselves, our children, our husbands, our loves and our lives. I am so grateful to have this friend to share my mildest and wildest ideas with.

After walking the bridge we found a cute restaurant and shared a meal. It was a memorable evening out for us both, a night that was completely ours. I am very glad that while I am saying goodbye to Brooklyn, I will still be able to meet my dear friend Rieke in Manhattan each week.

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