August Break: Sister Lovin

This Summer more than ever I have seen the special Sister relationship developing between the Girls. I know I have said this before – but I am seeing the bond strengthen, and grow, so much more that I have to further comment on it. It is a Summer of Sister lovin’ and I have to say, I am lovin’ it. I always wished I had had a sister to play with as a child and now as an adult I see friends with Sisters and admire their close relationships. I have to add that our days are not without sibling squabbles, but moments like these out shine all else. They are Sisters, and they are best friends.

2 thoughts on “August Break: Sister Lovin

  1. Such a beautiful bond that they have, and these pictures are lovely, surely ones to frame! Seeing them makes me miss Brooklyn and our life there so much! xo

  2. Your life in Brooklyn misses you so much too…it will get easier as time goes by…I know how hard it is, I am home sick for Byron Bay when I see photos of it. K xo

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