Our Neighbour Nina

Wow, I do not know where to start, I am brimming with stimulation and feeling exhilarated to the point of giddiness. Like an over tired 4 year old all silly and out of control. Life has been so abundant the past few days I am glowing with it and feeling the stellar effects of living to the fullest. I am bright, I am shinning, and I am alive.

So what makes me feel this way…well so many things which is why I do not know where to start. I suppose firstly it is having a clean open space, a blank canvas of a home that is now our own. A home that was filled with good love and energy and is so again now. A home that sheltered a family, and that is now sheltering my family. A space that saw two families raise their children and is now a space for our children to grow and thrive. Then beyond this space, clear with good karma, I have been feeling the people, the good, good people we are meeting.

As is the way of the world, good people come and go from ones life. Unlike objects, you can’t take the soul with you when you move. Saying goodbye to friends is hard, and one can only hope that new friends, and new neighbours will come your way as good as the last. When you buy a home you intend to live in for a while, you know it is a given, love thy neighbour, and it sure does help if your neighbours are beautiful. Which brings me to our new neighbour Nina.

Nina knocked on our door Sunday afternoon, within 24 hours of our arrival. I had heard the door bell ring and was not actually used to answering our front door and so I was rather slow to register. It took me a while to come down the stairs and when I reached the mid point of the last set of stairs I could see a smiling face through the glass amidst a bush of green leaves and white flowers. I opened the door quickly as I felt bad for taking so long to get there, especially since she was hold a large heavy plant. Like movie style perfection Nina welcomed me with her pretty light blue eyes, saying far more than the obligatory “Welcome to the neighbourhood, I am your neighbour”. I could see instantly that she was strong and healthy and and confident and smart, and also very thoughtful and kind.

I am sucked in by natural beauty, it is so appealing to me and despite trying to like people equally I am always far more attracted to one that lives gracefully. Nina’s make up free face showed the lines of a life a little longer than mine, but less than my Mother’s. Her hair, that was notably amazing was dense tended curls, the wonderful combination of once golden, now slowly, ever so slowly, touched by grey. I felt a strong sense of admiration for her right away for this very reason. Not too proud or attached to an image of youth or other to dye her hair, but obviously glowing with health and contentment of who she naturally is – precisely the female role model I hope for in our life.

Along with the rich shinny spathiphyllum Nina handed me a container of craft supplies for the Children and a bag of home grown tomatoes and herbs. I was overjoyed by her gesture, it was far beyond any ideas I had conjured on meeting our new neighbours. I welcomed her into our home and showed her around the house. A home she had been in before, but now seeing it with new eyes. I took her up to the attic and placed the craft supplies she gave us on the shelf. The Girls instantly took to Nina, Maya taking her by the hand and leading her around. We have seen Nina daily since we arrived, and even went for a walk with her yesterday around the neighbourhood, and then to her friends house.

When life surprises you with things you do not expect, it creates a feeling in you of joy. Being in a place of receiving without expectation is a great thing, especially when the gift is friendship.




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