Moss & Mushrooms

A few days of rain and some summer time warmth and the moss and mushrooms are alive and flourishing. Popping up all over our yard, and hidden in the woods, we have discovered an eclectic array of toadstools, fungi, mushrooms and moss. Some of which look like they belong in the pages of a fairy tale book.

I have been exclaiming over the brilliant green patches of moss, stopping to feel it and smell it and to pick the moss flowers. Such a sublime texture and colour…and the mushrooms each one unique and exuding so much personality. It is fun searching for the mushrooms, really looking, and then like magic you see one, there hidden in a bed of leaves.

There is nothing like mushrooms and moss to transport you into mythical imaginations. The moss is like a bed for pixies, a place to lay and and drink sweet dew from flowers, while the toadstools become hats and caps or table and chairs for fairy folk. Couldn’t you just spend all day in the woods, it is a world like make believe!

2 thoughts on “Moss & Mushrooms

  1. What can I say?! WOW!!

    Also, I love that you now have a tag “the woods” … looking forward to seeing and reading more!

  2. Zoe – I have been thinking of you on our walks in the woods, and have a feeling that will get to share it with you one day!

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