More Mushrooms

I have become a little fanatical about finding mushrooms – and with good reason, they are so beautiful. After my first post about Moss & Mushrooms, I have continued to photograph my fungi friends in all their glory. I have two great mushroom spotters to help me find them on the forest floor (or at the base of the trees in our yard, while in PJ’s and rain-boots before breakfast!).

It is so pleasing when we come across a perfect mushroom, that has not yet been discovered and devoured by the earth worms. We have been disturbing many hearty worms while appreciating the mushrooms, and I am proud to say I have two inquisitive daughters not at all squeamish for natural exploration.

We also love when we come across a mushroom that we have not seem before. Some mushrooms seem to be more common and we see repetition of the colours and general shape, and then others seem incredibly special – like this giant black one, that was so intense and strong looking it was surely the old king evil mushroom.

We get so excited when we find a mushroom that we think is extra special, be it the colour, shape, size, or quantity! Some of the mushrooms have such brilliant form, some of the mushrooms are so tiny, while others grow to be the size of a plate and make me think I like the idea of spending my days living under a mushroom…

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