Art In The Attic

Ok, there are HEAPS of good things about our new home, but one of the best has to be our Attic. I really need to do a blog about the whole attic, the space in its entirety, but for now I want to share with you one of our new favorite things, and that is Art in the attic. Sounds like something special right? We have this amazing big open space that is light and bright that we have dedicated completely to art and craft (with some Barbies and Lego thrown in too). I am beside myself with joy for the open expanse, but most importantly it is a space not too precious so we feel like we can make a creative mess in it. At any given time entering our attic you are likely to find paint, fabric and many other mediums that we are expressing our creativity through on tables on the floor, on the walls and currently the mobile I am working on is pinned to the ceiling! Despite being here only 10 days, our attic has had hours of activity in it. The shelves are full of wonderful supplies, all on display, neatly organised for easy access. And we have a drying line strung up with our art works hanging on it in various stages of completetion. It is such a treat for us to be able to spread out and make a mess, and then, ever so pleasing to me is that I can walk down the stairs, shut the door and forget about it until the next time…we feel like art in the attic.


3 thoughts on “Art In The Attic

  1. Oh Kirst! I am immediately transported into the lovely world you always create w/the girls!! How fabulous for you all to have this “space” in your fabulous new home! I am beyond thrilled for you…what a joy!! You must be “over-the-top” with excitement in moving, and settling in this gorgeous new home=) So happy for you all…lvoe you & miss u to pieces my Australian Princess~ many xxxooo to the girls~ Larees

  2. I LOVE that the girls are decorating your paper art installation! Inspiring work they have done there!

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