Leaf Mobile Process

A couple of weeks have passed since I started this project, and between the Hurricane, Maya starting school, and Cam breaking his hand, I have had little time to work further on it. This week however I have declared that I will fit craft into our routine and so for an hour yesterday I got to snip snip snip and sew sew sew my leaves into these lovely tendrils.

I lay the leaf strands over the balustrade of the attic and became excited as it was a great guide on how it will look once completed. I then decided to hang them over the empty curtain rod in the stairwell to have another look at how they hang. This is really the fun part – the process – the playing. The beauty of making and creating, decisions are made at each point of the process, and I get to do what ever pleases my eye. I love also that there is absolutely no rush, and that I can come and go from a project for weeks, depending on motherhood duties – or my creative energy.

It is likely the leaves will remain hanging in the stair well for a while. I intend to find a branch to hang them from, but have to wait for the right branch to present itself. We went for a hike in the woods after school yesterday to find one, but then I forgot because we were distracted by mud and mushrooms (yes, mud not moss!). Looking forward to sharing the completed mobile, one of these days.

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