Muddy Feet

So off we went to the woods to look for a stick/branch for the leaf mobile. This agenda lasted about two steps into the Reservation – that was until I trod in a big mud slick. From the recent torrential rains there was a small constant flow of water down the mountain, and while it was not enough to make a very obvious stream, it was enough to make the earth sodden and wet. On closer inspection I could actually see the water trickling down hill.

The distraction of the mud made the purpose of the walk pop out of my mind completely. Instead I put my mind to resolving the mud situation so we could continue on our hike. I personally was not bothered by being up to my ankles, in mud, but I knew my little sandled followers would not be so pleased. The Girls both started saying “Lets go home” as they could tell I was not going to give up and both seemed a little worried I was going to suggest they walk through it. I walked along the mud, trying to get around it and realised that the mud was not something we could easily skirt around. I could see that the area of mud was too wide for me to jump, and when I tried walking all the way across it I was slipping and sliding. It was kind of fun, but I would not have been such a good sport if I had landed on my bottom in it, and certainly I could not carry the Girls across. So, in one of those weird moments in life, I was drawn to a large plank of wood that was laying hidden in long grass at the edge of the brush. I am not exactly sure how I found it, other than I was looking for a solution. Like magic it appeared in my hands and I dragged it with all my might over the mud slick. There, problem solved, we had a bridge! I had to take a few steps in the mud either side of the plank, but there was enough length to get us across. One by one I carried the Girls over the mud, and off we went up the path as usual. This time with a little mud between our toes.

We were so very distracted by the mud, and then by the mushrooms that thoughts of finding a branch for the felt leaf mobile stayed dormant. It was only when we reached home and I saw our walking sticks lined at the front door that I remembered why we had set out on this walk in the first place…oh well, I will have to get a branch  for my mobile another day!


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