Wednesday Hike

We are starting to repeat some of the hikes we have been on previously, and while the tracks are technically the same, the scenery is starting to really look different because of the change of season. We are in the midst of Autumn now and the colours of Fall are all around. Yellow, orange and red are replacing green on all but the evergreens. There is much stomping and clomping through leaves, and what was once shrouded by leafy growth is now a view with much greater distance.

Last Wednesday we went to Eagle Rock Reservation. We walked along the Bridal path to a lovely moss covered stone bridge. There we sat for our delicious homemade snack. We worked on a rock cairn, and then made our way back to the cars, the same way we had come.

This week Wednesday is once again predicted to have rain – we have rescheduled our hikes many times lately to work around the rain, but we have decided we will try hiking in the rain with the Girls. Raincoats and rain boots packed – after all it is only water! It is now cool enough to pack a thermos and so I am bringing hot chocolate to keep tummies warm. We shall see how we go on our first rainy day hot chocolate hike…I wonder where Anneliese will choose?

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