The Seasons Tree

I started an exciting Art project with Maya’s class today  that I will work on with them throughout the rest of the Kindergarten year. A few weeks ago I had the idea that I wanted to paint a tree on the classroom window, and then make  seasonal items with the Children to decorate the tree. I ended up painting two trees as I liked the way it would look for the trees to form an arch in the windows. Being Fall, the first item to go on our trees was to be golden leaves….so today, Elle and I spent an hour and a half with Maya’s class, painting and making leaves. Made from yellow and orange tissue paper, painted on one side with red acrylic paint, and then glued together with a piece of yarn for the stem. It was the perfect project for them, simple and quick, and as a whole very effective. I loved spending time with the Children, and I am quickly learning all of their names. The Children enjoyed this task and it is a lovely way to decorate their classroom – with relevance. At the end of the lesson, when the Children left for their Music class, Mrs O, the Teacher’s Aid, said, “Can you come every day?”. I said I would like to come once a month, and they talked me into once every second week. When we return from Australia, the leaves will come down, and Winter snow flakes will go up…I am looking forward to Spring, during which I plan to sew felt flowers with the children, and grow wheat grass at the base. Then Summer it will be green leaves and toadstools. Hmmm….what else shall our trees have…birds, bees and butterflies I think!

7 thoughts on “The Seasons Tree

  1. I love this idea Kirsten! so clever and cute! Maya and I have been decorating the windows with a variety of fall leaves and these tissue paper and yarn ones are very cute. we may have to borrow your idea and paint a tree too! I like the thought of the tree changing with the seasons 🙂 you have been a great crafting inspiration for me! John is out of town for a couple of weeks and when I told Maya that it would mean we got a lot of special “mommy and Maya time” her reaction was to do a little dance and sing “proooojects”! so fun!

  2. Ooooooo I love that Maya loves projects with Mommy! Yes, painting onto the glass is a good one. I have been doing this with M since she was a baby. We once had a beautiful big rainbow on the window. We painted toadstools the other day too. I would love to see what you and Maya do Zoe – wish you two were around the corner so we could craft together 🙂 ….we will have a reunion one day!

  3. Wow! If only more Mums had so much talent to share with the class! Sounds like something you were born to do!? How very special for Maya as well x

  4. Thanks Donna! I am considering education as my next career…I certainly feel at home in the classroom! Congrats to you – you are a star Donna – very inspirational. When I think about combining studying and Motherhood next year, I think “Donna did it!”. I would love to see you when we are in OZ. Please let me know if you are on the north Coast!
    K xo

  5. I sure am! I live in beautiful Murwillumbah, feel free to message me if you have some free time while you are here and we’ll see what we can arrange! xxx

  6. Gorgeous Kirsten, just gorgeous!!! What a wonderful way to get involved and celebrate the seasons with Maya’a class!! I’m so excited for you with your upcoming trip!! What fun! I’m sure that you and all of your dear friends and family in OZ are thrilled to see you! xo

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