We made snowflakes this week, as is our Christmas tradition. Usually I put them up on the windows in our living space, but there was a lot of decoration happening already in the Living/dinning/kitchen rooms and so they went on the Windows of the Girls room. The Girls have four windows, and I put snowflakes on the bottom half of their windows – as in the photo. You can see past snowflake installations here. As we have done previously, these snowflakes will become Easter eggs in the Spring. Paper snowflakes are one of my favorite ways to prepare the house for Christmas. I always feel like by making them and putting them up before Christmas it is symbolic. Just like the song says “Im dreaming of a white Christmas…” I make a little wish for the magical flakes because snow is what makes Winter special, snow days make the many months of cold exciting. Below are some images of magnified snowflakes, that I found here. Happy Winter Solstice to you all.


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