Dana Tanamachi For O


When you hear good news, you just have to share it. A talented Graphic Designer and Chalk Artist friend of ours, Dana Tamanchi recently chalked the cover of O Magazine for the February 2012 issue. This is the first hand drawn issue of O Magazine, and we are very excited that it was done by Dana – what an accomplishment. This past year, Dana collaborated with Ralph Lauren and West Elm, all so very impressive….and now O Magazine…I can only guess what will be next! Take a moment to look at what Dana can do with chalk

Dana, whom Cam worked with at Spotco visited our house a couple of years ago for a sewing lesson. Afterwards she offered to do a chalk drawing for me. I appreciated her kind offer, and said that when I bought a chalk board, I would love her to. I have been visualising a large chalkboard in our renovated kitchen, and could imagine Dana’s talents on display…Goodness, I had better put my order in quick with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Ralph Lauren and West Elm using her talents, I may be waiting in line!

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