Crystal Castle

One of the best days out we had while in Australia was to visit Crystal Castle. To me Crystal Castle is the epitome of the North Coast of NSW. When I think about all of the wonderful things the region offers, and why people flock to the area for holiday, Crystal Castle rolls it all into one. It is mythical and enchanting, and time spent there will have you feeling relaxed and refreshed with an awakened spirit.

“Nestled in Byron’s beautiful hinterland, the Crystal Castle offers an enchanting getaway reflective of the spirituality and element of escapism that the area is famous for. A lifetime of passion has seen the magical grounds transformed into an inspirational, tranquil and breathtakingly beautiful landscape like no other. Mystical statues, amazing crystals, exquisite jewellery and delicious delights await visitors, etching fond memories in the minds of all who pass through it’s gates.”

Grandma came along with us for this adventure and I am so glad she did. Grandma had never before been to Crystal Castle and really enjoyed her day there, despite her broken foot. The gardens were thoughtfully designed for all ages and capabilities with benches placed where one can sit in the shade and appreciate the breathtaking grounds. Grandma was able to rest while the Girls and I further explored the magnificent property including, the Buddha Walk, the Labyrinth and the Rain-forest Walk, all done with a complimentary Sun-brella (or umbrella, depending on the day!).

It has been five years since I was there last and I was delighted to see that the tropical gardens were lush and abundant, more than ever. One of the wonderful things about a place like this is that you can guarantee it will get better over time. Having grown up in this area, with knowing that the land was once a cleared paddock, I was awestruck by the amount of work, and the dedication involved to manifested this vision. What makes it more special though, is that the owners, Naren and Sona enjoy it so very much.

We were blessed on this visit to encounter the Gyuto Monks of Tibet, with Maya actually being called over for a blessing. They were at Crystal Castle specifically for the preparation of the Stupa core – that we watched being planted. Naren and Sona considered it a “Historical moment” and I was completely caught up in the enthusiasm, it was such a pleasure to witness the fruition of their dreams.

After several hours in the gardens, building fairy houses and watching the Stupa Project, we took time to wander the gift shop and sit in the Lotus Cafe. The Children enjoyed choosing crystals to fill a little pouch each and I enjoyed being in the midst of the magical beauty. I find it very powerful being surround by the crystals energy. The cafe, overlooking the hinterland, offers delicious healthy food – breakfast, lunch or a gourmet coffee break. The food on offer reflects the quality taste evident throughout Crystal Castle. Organic, fair trade, local, fresh, pure and wholesome.

We look forward to visiting Crystal Castel again one day, and seeing the positive growth and change that will happen between now and then. I am grateful to be able to visit a place like this, and thankful for the feelings of fundamental goodness one gets from the experience.

2 thoughts on “Crystal Castle

  1. What fantastic photos!! BTW … I think that we saw Maya’s lotus when we walked through the bamboo forest when we were there last!

  2. I love that you might have seen Maya’s lotus…it is on the right when entering at the base of the stairs. I look forward in years to come to find it…Did you carve your names? It is harder to do than I had thought! I wish we could go there once a month! Have a good weekend Zoe!

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