Fox Kit

With a cozy snowed in weekend, we enjoyed being tucked away indoors occupied with wintry activities. Maya started early with a snow inspired puppet show. I love to see her setting up a puppet show, and always offer my help so her ideas flourish. The main character of this puppet show was a fox that lived in a den, in the winter woods.┬áThe whole scene was just delightful – a white muslin blanket for snow, a hand printed fir tree backdrop and wooden Waldorf toys.

While rummaging for drawing paper I had found a piece of paper that we had done practice prints on when we made our Christmas cards the year before last. I had brought it downstairs because it had seemed seasonally relevant. Maya then went to work on it further with coloured pencils, making it look more like a landscape, and it made for a really lovely backdrop. It was then decided that the Fox needed a baby in her den, and so I went to work needle felting a fox kit. It is so much fun needle felting, such a satisfying hobby, I think we might actually need two.

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