Belt Loop Tee

Today I finished sewing this tee for Maya. I brought this knit fabric home with me from cleaning out Mum’s house. I recall this fabric being in our green sewing supplies chest of drawers when we lived at Darcy Drive, which makes it maybe 20 -25 years old. I am not exactly sure if this was fabric picked out by me, or whether Mum bought it to make something, but either way, it never got used…until now. I recall pondering over it many times as the colours and pattern of the fabric appealed to me (seriously love the 80’s hot pink!) and obviously I still liked it enough to bring it half way across the world. This really says something as it made it through the over-packed suitcase cull. It was a very small piece of fabric, maybe 1/2 a meter, and so it could be nothing more than a tube skirt or tee for the Girls. I generally sew for Maya, as there is a second chance if I make it too small, that it will fit Elle. Then of course Elle gets it as a hand-me-down anyway. I was feeling tired of making skirts…and then felt a burst of bravery and went for a tee. As usual, this project was commercial pattern free. It was created by my pattern drafting and design. Another sew-as-you-go project, which means I really have not idea what I am making exactly until it is finished. Along the way I kept Maya’s style in mind, which is why there was the addition of the belt. Maya likes to tuck her tops into her skirts as she likes to have a waist. I get tired of her doing this ALL THE TIME  (even though I also like it too!) and so made this shirt with a belt so that maybe she will wear it un-tucked??? If she wears it at all that is!!! Either way, this project feels like an accomplishment as I generally stay away from sewing knits and tops. I am completely satisfied for using knit fabric, using old fabric, and making a top instead of a skirt. Looking forward to seeing it worn…when the days get warm.

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  1. Thanks Donna, I thought the fabric was retro and fun. I hope she wears it…you never know! Loved seeing your sewing on FB this week – well done clever Mummy!

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