Moncton, Canada

Here I am! I have zipped off to for a four day solo trip to attend the wedding of my Brother, to his fiance Natalie –  from Canada. I can understand if this comes as a surprise to you as I did not have much time to think or talk about the trip prior  – the days slipped away, and now here I am, in Moncton (pronounced Monk-ton) in New Brunswick – Canada. Yes, that is right, I am all the way up there on the edge of Canada, past Nova Scotia.

Grandma arrived to our house from Australia on Monday, and we flew up here together two days later – such an odd feeling to get on a plane without my husband and children, thankfully though I had my Grandma for company, and consequently the added perk of que jumping as Gran still has a broken foot and needs a wheelchair in the airports.

Via a small plane, we arrived in Moncton at 11pm Wednesday night, collected by my soon to be sister-in-law and then taken to an apartment on the river in downtown Moncton. If you ever have need to stay at Moncton (you just never know!), I highly recommend staying here. The suite was comfortable with tall windows and a veranda overlooking the river. I booked this apartment only last week and was very glad I chose this location as we woke on Friday morning to see huge ice chucks floating down stream (not at all impressive in a still photo, but great in person). I have not ever seen this before and it instantly caught my attention. It was very beautiful in a white washed, winter way, and ever so interesting. I had apprehensions about coming to Canada in Winter, going from cold New Jersey to even colder New Brunswick, but you know, I should have known…the extreme makes it special.

My Brother and Natalie arrived Friday morning to take us out for the day – the itinerary included Hopewell Rocks, and the small village of Alma, and then dinner with Natalie’s Family. I am really excited to share the photos of this day out. I was awestruck by the beauty of this part of Canada. My Brother kindly stopped many times along the way so I could document our journey. Which I will share as soon as I can. For now though, I have to pack my suit case and move to the next part of our adventure …off to Memramcook for the wedding.


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