Little Bottle Bag

Some things I make for decoration, some things I make for utility…this falls into the later category. Any parent I know is familiar with the perfectly timed phrase “I’m thirsty”…once you are more than a block from home…sometimes you will quench this thirst with a water bottle dug from deep inside a bag, but other times…and this is more frequent now that we do not use a stroller…I think that we can go out and I can leave Mummy’s bag of everything behind and be hands free…but you know, this is impossible…I always have to carry a water bottle…or do I? No, of course not, my children can carry their own water bottle…and so comes the little bottle bag.

It seemed like each time we were to walk in the woods, I was carrying a large backpack in order to carry a small bottle of water. I did not always want to do this, so one day the solution popped into mind – a drink bottle bag for the children! I made this one for Elle from cotton calico and a strip of cotton binding. I really like calico, it is easy to sew with and very inexpensive. I have been working on my embroidery skills and so asked Elle if she would like embroidery on the front? Elle said she wanted a red flower with a green center…which as you will see is exactly what she got. I am part way through making Maya’s, who wanted a lotus embroidered on hers.

We tested the water bottle bag out, and Elle went between wearing it and hanging it off her scooter. I too carried it a little way – and so even though I may end up carrying the water still, I like that they are learning to carry their water bottles themselves part of the way, sometimes…

3 thoughts on “Little Bottle Bag

  1. I have something similar for trekking – saves having to take backpack off to retrieve water bottle!

  2. Yes – I have seen adult versions and thought they were handy! By the way, what brand are your walking sticks? I want to get some…and will go on your recommendation.

  3. We got Mountain King super trekker (think they are UK brand). They were rated as “best value” in Trail magazine ( is it a bit sad that Matt checked this all out in detail before we decided?) but still about £60 for a pair. Well worth it I say!

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