Spring Break

It has been a quiet week here on the blog…last week was Spring break for Maya’s school and so our days were busy. Now a rainy and cold Monday morning, with Maya back to school, it is the perfect moment to sit and re-cap. We were very lucky with the weather for Spring break with warm gorgeous days – unlike this week that is predicted to be cold and wet. I am certainly glad we made the most of the sunshine, with the highlight being a day spent at the Jersey Shore with friends.┬áNicole suggested we all go to Bradley Beach and so we made a convoy south. It is about an hour drive from Montclair, and while an hour seemed like a long way to me to drive to the beach it was an easy drive. Amy and her two Children car pooled with us which meant we each had a friend to chat with on the way.┬áNicole chose Bradley Beach as she said it is one of the nicer beaches close to us, and it really was nice!

We were quite the beach party, with 4 Mothers and 8 children.

There were beach rocks to climb on and a tidal pool for them to splash and play in.

We collected, shells, built sandcastles, and of course as we always do…we made mermaid tales for the mermaids.

It was such gorgeous weather with blue skies and a gentle breeze perfect for flying a kite.

Much thanks to the friends that made this day special!


7 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. Beautiful beach … are the photos off your iPhone this time? The colours are different to your usual ones (but still wonderful).

    And – that’s a magical photo of you & Elle Belle!

  2. Hi Michelle – yes these photos are all taken with an iphone (I have 4S)- using the instagram application. Up until recently I have always been very brave and taken my SLR camera to the beach, and while we were in Australia (on a particularly windy day at Wategos) sand got into my lens, and now does not work properly. I was pretty bummed…and have been using my ‘not working lens’ for 6 months now. I still manage to take photos with it, but it is very challenging. Making me a better photographer I suppose. I am hoping my husband takes pity on my and buys me a new lens for my Birthday! I think the iphone takes good photos and instagram is fun for variety, but I much prefer my SLR. Do you have an iphone and are you on instagram? Would love to follow you if you are! K xo

  3. Thanks Amy – it was a great day, and hopefully we will have more fun days like this! I love the one of you flying your kite!

  4. Mike (hubby) has an iPhone, and I intend getting one when I next upgrade. But for now I’ll try to make better images with my SLR (as I started an Intro to SLR course today). Fingers crossed!

  5. How Fun Michelle, enjoy the course! Looking forward to seeing the photos of your beautiful children. From my experience the more photos you take, the better you get.

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