Welcome to Kennebunkport

Surprise! We are in Maine! Welcome to Kennebunkport! Cam finished work at Spotco on Friday and to celebrate the end of an era we planned a family vacation in Maine. I found a house in Kennebunk, Southern Maine through VBRO, and given it is off season in this sea side village, it was reasonably priced and available. We booked this adorable house for a week, arriving in Kennebunk yesterday afternoon. We had a full day today at the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge and Parsons Beach, which I am looking forward to sharing with you. In the meanwhile though, here are a few photos taken on our stroll through Kennebunkport this evening at sunset.

Tomorrow we are off to Mackworth Island, located off Falmouth, and known as the island of Fairy houses! Which means my friends, it is time for me to sign off and go to sleep so that I have plenty of creative energy for building Fairy houses with two excited little Girls in the morning!

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