Water Colour Paintings

This week I have found some quiet time to sit and paint…well actually it was not really that quiet around here, always talkative girls with me…but maybe it was quiet within… painting seems to brings a clam to my mind – regardless of what is going on around me, and I really do need that. I am unfolding in painting…and I really feel like painting. So good for the soul. Excited to share these two images with you. The first one I have called Quiet Fox, and the second I have called Ornate Antler Deer. There is nothing very original about them, but they are pretty! Just appropriations from things I have seen in pop culture. So easy in this day and age to be exposed to endless art, especially with a fine Art  pintrest, board brimming with beauty. I am excited to say I have another painting on the way, keep your eye out for the bountiful peacock. Hope these pretty pictures make you feel good. Have a great day friends!


4 thoughts on “Water Colour Paintings

  1. Oh thank you Lauren! That made my day! Maybe one day they will become prints for sale. I often think of opening an etsy shop, just need to find the time. Maybe when Elle is a little older it will all come together. Thank you for taking a moment to comment.

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